Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Yesterday in Pentagon city

I went to Pentagon city yesterday to go shopping after school. It was very huge and clear shopping mall, and there are a lot of shop, like fashion shops. Sometimes I found cheaper goods than Japan, so I was very excited. Moreover, I found “i-movie” and red i-pod which isn’t sold yet in Japan, so I was surprised. After then, I bought T-shirt (it is normal T-shirt) and a good accessory.
Oh, I didn’t buy any souvenirs for my family and friends in Japan, hahaha.


Berta said...

Hi Yuichiro,
You are right, one is always surprised by items that are not sold or take time to be sold in one´s country.
In my country, Venezuela, most items are imported and quite expensive. We don´t really make many products, especially electronic ones. It is hard sometimes to even find spare parts for certain things, so when we travel, we have long lists of things we would like to purchase.
What is the most appealing item you have seen so far?

Well, keep on enjoying this wonderful stay in Maryland.

Nina Liakos said...

I wonder if you found some small gifts for your friends and family at the supermarket this afternoon.

Hiromi said...

Hello, Yuichiro!
I enjoyed reading about the shopping at Pentagon City because you seemed to have a good time, right? Oh, please don't forget to buy some souvenirs for your friends and family because they might look forward to it! ^^