Wednesday, August 8, 2007

American typical supermarket

It is huge supermarket. There are many foods, snacks, and goods. I found interesting toothbrushes, so I got some of them. Of course, I bought many souvenirs for Japanese friends and family. However, I didn’t know American check system (it is a little different from Japan), so I confused. Anyway, it’s one of the important memories. And then, at dinner, Hoihoi was kissed by Sophia!! Oh, my god!! Unbelievable!! Oops!! Ahaha-


Hiromi said...

Hello again, Yuichiro!
You finally were able to get some souvenirs for your friends and family, which I'm glad to hear about! ^^ In the US, even how you pay for what you buy is different and it might make you confused. But it's one of the things you wouldn't be able to experience in Japan! ^^

Nina Liakos said...

Hi, Yuichiro,
Isn't there a lot of casual kissing in American movies? Why was everyone so surprised?
I am curious about Japanese toothbrushes now. How are they different from American ones?

Laura said...

I'm sorry that I didn't explain out the check out process at the supermarket ahead of time!! But sometimes making mistakes is one of the easiest ways to learn...I guess?

Dennis said...

Hello, Yuichiro.

I enjoyed reading your comments about shopping at the Pentagon City Mall and I'm glad you found some things there that aren't yet available in Japan. I must admit that I was a little surprised about I-Movie and the red I-Pod, though: things like that are often available in Japan before they are available here!

I'm also glad you were able to find some souvenirs for your family and friends.

I'm curious: what was unusual about the check-out system in the supermarket?

I look forward to your next blog post!

Best wishes—

Dennis in Phoenix

P.S. I enjoyed seeing your photo in two different places on your blog.