Friday, August 10, 2007

Two Great Visiting

I got wonderful experiences in last two days! First, we went to Cannel 9 last Wednesday. Before, I wanted to work TV station (now I have another dream^^), so I was very excited to see the editor room and feel original atmosphere. Moreover, we could understand the structure of one news report by watching it directly, not by TV. It was very great visiting! Second, we went to Inter-America Development Bank, and listened Ms.Hiroko, Ms.Mariko, and Mr.Toda, who are Japanese specialists and work there now. By their speech, I thought that most of Japanese people don’t know the contribution of Japan and Japanese workers to South America. That’s why, in the future, I want to get the job, which I can tell Japanese people such as that things. (It’s another dream!) I don’t know what it is concretely, but I find the best job for me! These are my recent wonderful experiences.


Hiromi said...

Hello, Yuichiro!
Visiting the TV station must be interesting especially for the person like you, who were interested in the field. Also, seeing the Japanese work for the organization like that is really inspiring, right? And it makes me realize how ignorant I've been about the things the Japanese people have done for other countries.

Laura said...

The past two days have been great, haven't they? I hope that they help you decide what you want to do in the future!

Berta said...

Hi Yui,
Working for a Japanese firm that helps prople from different countries certainly sounds like a great job to have.
In the university where I work, there is a Japanese colleague -Shunichi Watanabe- who teaches Japanese to Venezuelan engineering students. Although he does not work in a bank, he does a wonderful job making Venezuelans know more about Japan, its language and life style.

Regards, Berta

Dennis said...

Hello, Yuichiro.

I'm glad you had such an enjoyable time at WUSA Channel 9 and the IDB. I think you had some very positive impressions of both of these trips--impressions that could change your future!

It must've been particularly interesting to see live broadcasting. I've never seen live TV broadcasting, but I used to work for a man who owned a video production and post-production studio, and I was always fascinated to see what was done to turn "raw" video into finished segments. It was amazing!

I hope you enjoyed the Annapolis trip and bay cruise and also the museum visits; I look forward to reading your comments about each of these activities.

I also hope you continue to enjoy your stay in Maryland!

Best wishes--

Dennis in Phoenix