Friday, August 24, 2007

Today, I came back my home where my parents live in Kagawa prefecture from my apartment in Kanagawa prefecture. So, I'd like to introduce some of information about Kagawa. First, Kagawa prefecture is smaller than any other prefectures in Japan. Secound, the noodle called "Sanuki-Udon" ("Sanuki" is old name of Kagawa and "Udon" is Japanese popular noodle) is very delicious. Third, there is very famous shirine, "Kotohira-gu". And today, after arriving Kagawa by Shinkansen, I ate Sanuki-Udon! That pictures are Udon shop and Sanuki-Udon!! Of course, it was very delicious^^ Maybe foreign people don't like that kinf of taste, but if you have a chance, please try it on!!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Arriving at Japan

Today, I got back at Japan. Now I miss America, Washington, teachers, and all mentors at my room of the apartment in Japan. Actually, at international airport, although I said good-bye with smile, I cried secretly at Security area. All memories in America are most important and precious for me. I love everything that I saw and met there. Absolutely, I go back America, Washington DC!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Time leaves me alone.

Yesterday, after I took classes of Nina and Shirly in the morning, I went to Aviation Museum at College Park Airport. In this museum, we met very interesting instructor like Billy who is very popular in Japan as Billy’s Boot Camp. He spoke English very slowly and politely for us, and we can understand easily about history of airplane. For example, now I can remember soon that airplanes of two wings are called “bi-plane”, these of one wing are called “mono-plane”, these of three wings are called “tri-plane”, and these have propellers are called helicopter, because of Mr.Billy. :) And we could wear the real suits, cap, goggle of pilot, so we were very amazed and happy! Of course, we took a lot of pictures there.
Thank you, Mr.Billy!
Thank you, Aviation Museum!

More than two weeks have passed since we arrived in this country. I really feel that time flies. Day after tomorrow, we must go back to Japan. I will miss America and all people who I met in America! (T_T)

Monday, August 13, 2007

Blog, bloger, blogest,yeah!

Last Friday, we went to Nina’s house. Of course, this was my first time in an American house, so I was surprised at many different points between American and Japanese houses. For instance, in American, we enter the house with wearing shoes, but in Japan, we do it after we take them off. I think shoes are very dirty because we go to various places with the shoes, so in this point, I like the Japanese custom. But, I like home party like last Friday night, which many people come in the home, eating or drinking something, talking with the members, and enjoying that time. Don’t you agree?
After visiting Nina’s house, we went to Karaoke bar, of course drinking no alcohol. :) In this Karaoke bar, we could sing American song and Japanese popular song, so we were very excited! I sang songs of Japanese and American artists such as lemiolomen, YUI, Mr. Children, Ikimonogakari, Bump of chicken. Moreover, I could sing with Laura and Sophia. It was very happy memory for me! I try to train singing in Japan, and sing songs with them again.
In this trip, I like America’s culture better, so after going back Japan, I study English very hard, and come back to this Washington DC to study. For them, I have many problems, but I never give up.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Two Great Visiting

I got wonderful experiences in last two days! First, we went to Cannel 9 last Wednesday. Before, I wanted to work TV station (now I have another dream^^), so I was very excited to see the editor room and feel original atmosphere. Moreover, we could understand the structure of one news report by watching it directly, not by TV. It was very great visiting! Second, we went to Inter-America Development Bank, and listened Ms.Hiroko, Ms.Mariko, and Mr.Toda, who are Japanese specialists and work there now. By their speech, I thought that most of Japanese people don’t know the contribution of Japan and Japanese workers to South America. That’s why, in the future, I want to get the job, which I can tell Japanese people such as that things. (It’s another dream!) I don’t know what it is concretely, but I find the best job for me! These are my recent wonderful experiences.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

American typical supermarket

It is huge supermarket. There are many foods, snacks, and goods. I found interesting toothbrushes, so I got some of them. Of course, I bought many souvenirs for Japanese friends and family. However, I didn’t know American check system (it is a little different from Japan), so I confused. Anyway, it’s one of the important memories. And then, at dinner, Hoihoi was kissed by Sophia!! Oh, my god!! Unbelievable!! Oops!! Ahaha-

Yesterday in Pentagon city

I went to Pentagon city yesterday to go shopping after school. It was very huge and clear shopping mall, and there are a lot of shop, like fashion shops. Sometimes I found cheaper goods than Japan, so I was very excited. Moreover, I found “i-movie” and red i-pod which isn’t sold yet in Japan, so I was surprised. After then, I bought T-shirt (it is normal T-shirt) and a good accessory.
Oh, I didn’t buy any souvenirs for my family and friends in Japan, hahaha.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Last Saturday's trip

Last week, we went to Alexandria and Georgetown by train and bus. These towns are old and beautiful town. On that day, Irish ceremony was held. It warmed up very much!
And for three hours, we went to shopping in Georgetown. I bought a T-shirt.

Saturday, August 4, 2007



My name is Yuichiro Iwamoto.
Please call me "Yuichiro" , or "Yu" if you think it's long or complex.
I'm from Kagawa prefecture, Japan.

The trip by airplane made me very tired, because it took 13 hours from Japan to America.

In Maryland, I want to get better English skill and understand American various things. And I would like to buy lots of souvenirs for Japanese family and friends.

Nice to meet you!!:)