Friday, August 24, 2007

Today, I came back my home where my parents live in Kagawa prefecture from my apartment in Kanagawa prefecture. So, I'd like to introduce some of information about Kagawa. First, Kagawa prefecture is smaller than any other prefectures in Japan. Secound, the noodle called "Sanuki-Udon" ("Sanuki" is old name of Kagawa and "Udon" is Japanese popular noodle) is very delicious. Third, there is very famous shirine, "Kotohira-gu". And today, after arriving Kagawa by Shinkansen, I ate Sanuki-Udon! That pictures are Udon shop and Sanuki-Udon!! Of course, it was very delicious^^ Maybe foreign people don't like that kinf of taste, but if you have a chance, please try it on!!


Nina Liakos said...

Hi Yuichiro,
I enjoyed your post about Kagawa and sanuki-udon. The pictures were especially nice! I hope I will have a chance someday to try them out!
Nina (madly trying to get ready for the start of classes next Wednesday!)

Hiromi said...

Hello, Yuichiro!
Wooow! Udon is what I love eating, so your post made me excited and want to eat it. ^^ I haven't been to Kagawa prefecture before, but I decided that I'll definitely visit there in the near future. ^^

Ji Won said...


That food looks so delicious... I love Udon, too, and you just made me crave for it!! How does it feel to be at your hometown?? Have a nice time with your parents and have a lot of good food while you're there too! See ya!

Ji Won

Ai said...

Hi, Iwamoto-kunn!

I want to eat it!!I love Sanuki-Udon,too! I think simple is the best^^

Dennis said...

Hello, Yuichiro.

I'm glad to see that you have continued with your blog after leaving the U.S.

You latest entry looks very professional--and makes me hungry!

I don't know very much about Kagawa Prefecture, so I'd like to visit there some day to learn more.

The foods that you described sound delicious! I like noodles very much, and the Sanuki udon sound especially tasty! I read a little bit about Sanuki udon at this link.

Is Kotohira-gu also known as Konpira-san? If so, I found these photos to be very interesting.

Enjoy the Sanuki udon!

I hope you visit the U.S. again some day.

Dennis in Phoenix